The city’s iALERT notification system provides residents with critical information during emergencies or critical situations. It allows public safety officials to notify some or all of the city’s population about gas leaks, boil water notices, power outages, crime alerts or other high-priority events.

Residents may specify areas of the city they want to receive information about by adding addresses such as their home, schools or daycare centers, nursing homes or job locations.

The service is completely customizable. Residents can select the areas to be notified about and can sign up to receive up-to-the-minute information, keeping their families safe during an emergency.

The application will contact the communication devices, selected by those who sign up, including mobile phones, landlines, smartphones, email, SMS and instant messaging — in the order specified by the user’s account.

Residents and businesses with listed telephone numbers have already been included in the system; however, they are encouraged to use the registration link to add additional ways to be contacted, such as cellphone numbers or email addresses. All information provided will be kept confidential. The iAlert system was purchased as part of a Homeland Security Grant received by the city.

Register for iAlert